Muxtape Lives On

Monday, September 29, 2008 | |

Back in March of this year, Muxtape brought the nearly dead concept of mix tapes back to life via the internet. Users could upload MP3s and create their own list of up to 12 songs to be accessed by anyone. Links to the Amazon music store were also discretely listed alongside the song's title. Needless to say this tool was astronomically useful and a personal favorite of mine, as I provided a well received weekly mix of tunes over at Tall As Trees. However, nothing this amazing can last for long with those "are eye ay ay" folks around. Muxtape was shut down in August and went though quite the legal ordeal, and now plans to rebuild the site, tailored specifically to unsigned bands. Read more here. Glad to see someone still has their head on straight.

P.S. Photo cred.
I stumbled upon this photo looking for tapes in Flickr. I owned this as a child. Built like a tank and tons of fun. Nuts.