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A short documentary of some of the people involved in the free-folk, I mean new weird America, I mean naturalismo, or was it freak folk?

It is by David Kleijwegt who also did the latest documentary of the band Low. (I say latest because there are now at least two that I know of.)

The film included the likes of CocoRosie, Antony Hegarty , Devendra Banhart, Vashti Bunyan plus others.

On a somewhat related note Antony's latest ep is out, cant wait to pick that up

And it comes with bonus German subtitles. (the film not the ep, well I guess I am just assuming that Antony doesn't speak German. Is David Bowie German?)

THE ETERNAL CHILDREN (click with intensity!)


mts said...

Why was I unaware of Low documentaries? Thanks for the info. Bowie's not German.