A Fitter Happier Playlist 10122008

Sunday, October 12, 2008 | |

Lets try this together.

This evening I peel back the skin and muscle from my head and find a pool of technicolor melodies droning their patterns unstoppable. Swirling, spitting out bits of this and bits of that.

You will listen and feel pulled body and soul into the place where music overcomes you and fills your mind to overflowing. Pushing out all your other thoughts and conversations. Leaving only raw emotion.

You'll feel that floaty uncomfortably tall feeling that goes along with good weed. And time will pass slowly.

When you've waited a long time and the music finally breaks you will feel the hot liquid rush and thrumming beat of satisfaction spiraling each notch in your spine.

I'm in a shoegazer mood...

That is how these six songs affect me. Enjoy a fitter happier playlist (10122008)

Phil Karnats



-Wolf Parade

-The National

-Vashti Bunyan

-The Secret Machines

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Fitter Happier said...

I noticed that the playlist brings up the second song first, you've got to scroll up once to get to the first song. I'll look into why it does that.

paul said...

ohh my dear vashti !

I love that stuff.