A Fitter Happier Playlist 10242008

Friday, October 24, 2008 | |

Jenny Lewis

I've been away too long. I spoke today with other parts of Citizen Analog about the nature of W  O    R          K . . .

It seems to me that we've all been tricked into sleeping under this ridiculous lead blanket for no other reason than, "because that's how its always been". Sometime during the early stages of World War II people got into the rhythm of working long ours, getting up early and buckling down.

15 minute coffee breaks

40 minutes lunch (drink that soda in the car fella)

Walls around your work station, neutral color pallet. Classical music (turned way down low). Bleccccchhh. It is SOUL DEVOURING. When I think of all the creative things I want to be doing it makes my heart race. Five o'clock rolls around and I bolt from the office, but alas, I'm too tired to do anything. So I wander in circles and listen to my neighbors arguing.

This whole damn thing pulls at my guts.

It isn't the THING that is the problem though, it is the DOING. I work in the field that I always wanted to work in, I love the idea of my job, and my career couldn't be going more swimingly. But it doesn't matter, I could be working in a friggin' candy testing facility and I'd still learn to hate it. It is HAVING to get up in the morning, and HAVING to be there on Friday. It's the whole damned machine. I need helping finding a way to eek out something small without having to do any sort of traditional W O R K.

This playlist is about Happiness.