Studies In African Music

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Studies in African Music Volume I and II

Written by A.M Jones

Arthur Morris Jones
(1889 – 1980), was a missionary and musicologist who worked in Zambia during the early 20th century. He was stationed at St Mark's School in Mapanza in the Southern Province of present-day Zambia (called Rhodesia at the time). He is best known for his ethnomusicological work. He made an important contribution to the literature with his work in African rhythmic structure. He is also remembered for his controversial theories on scales and the music of the marimba, which he claimed migrated from Southeast Asia to Africa.*from wikipedia.

Volume I
Volume II

I found this while listening to Information Transmission, Modulation and Noise: Steve Reich and John Gibson (November 6, 1970) link

I think it will be an interesting read/study. The first book is more essay based and the second volume is the music to accompany the essay in volume one. You can purchase a copy of it for big bucks at rare book re-sellers on the internet, but this version is free. Enjoy.


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