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Monday, October 27, 2008 | |

Al Franken
Al Franken is running for US Senate out of Minnesota.

Citizen Analog has strong Minnesota ties, so we'd like to extend our incredibly influential endorsement.

I actually haven't been following his campaign all that closely. I used to listen to Franken on Air America, so when he officially announced he was running I said to myself, "Yeah, that seems about right". He's a funny guy, I think what I appreciate most about him is that he doesn't condescend to the country. When he's attacked for saying outrageous things during his long comedy career he just says, "C'mon, you know the difference between satire and reality, don't be an idiot". He isn't constantly walking on eggshells, making sure each and every word is weighed and measured to be universally bland enough not to offend anyone. Everyone is so vanilla nowadays, just talking in circles and saying sentences that are completely hollow of meaning, but buzz with 'acceptability'.

I like Al Franken because he's funny and he trusts us to be able to tell the difference between the funny things he says, and the important things he'll do. He isn't going to bring the same flippant levity to economic policy decisions on the senate floor that he does to a joke about how fat Rush Limbaugh is.

Also, he can draw a phenomenally accurate map of the United States from memory.


Jeff said...

I watched the Debate on PBS the other night, and Franken came off as a really unprepared ass. He is a funny guy, and has good points, but he was awful in the debate and essentially appeard to be making things up. Both Coleman and Barkley were citing sources where he said certain things, and his response was usually "No I didn't." or "I never said that in my life." and they both would look at each other, and both would cite the source and quote him. He would just go, "Nope." - and sat there with this cocky attitude. It was really bizarre. Rather than defend his words, he would just deny they were ever said, or say he was being a Comedian when he said it.

He also did not know the name of half the bills he would reference, leaving the Moderator or Dean Barkley to provide them for him.

I'm pretty pissed because I had planned on voting for him, and he threw it away. He hardly seemed like he had any interest with working with other parties or listening to anyone outside the left line; just wants to be part of the gang and be in Washington - rather than actually be a leader.

Barkley (I) has probably gained my vote.

Fitter Happier said...

That's disappointing, I had hoped that his good personality also came along with strong knowledge of the issues and desire to work with the system. Apparently not.

The endorsement still stands, on the grounds that he has a funny head and he blinks a lot.

Jeff said...

Blinking was in full effect.

VikingFrog said...

Every time I look at him and hear him for some reason I can't get that Stuart character from SNL out of my head.

"I am good enough, strong enough, and dog gonnit people like me"

paul said...

strong Minnesota Ties, but I don't think anyone involve with this blog is living or voting in Minnesota!