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I wrote a few post ago about the latest ep from Antony and the Johnsons. The Ep is called Another World. Released on Secretly Canadian Records label (based out of Indiana :) ) . There are some cool tracks on there, the surprise highlight being "Shake That Devil" which is quite a departure from the simple piano laden songs of past recordings.

Take a listen here:

Exploring further on the cover of the EP there is a picture of a Butoh Dancer. Uninformed on movement of Butoh, I looked it up. And below is what I found.

Yea so??? Its is quite a departure from what I know about dance, even interpretative dance. For more info on butoh, consult your search engine by typing "Butoh wiki" it's sure to have some interesting information.

On the note of interpretative dance, remember this?

Keeping on track with weird Japan and music, check out Naked City's Black Box album. It is inspired by the S&M porn industry in the 80's in Japan and it well... it's interesting to say the least.

Going a little off the topic, Mike Patton who worked with Naked City mostly on their live shows. Formed the band Fantomas, which is a collaboration between Patton Buzz Osborne, Trevor Dunn and the drummer from Slayer, Dave Lombardo. They have a sound is very similar to that of Naked City which is nice if you like grindcore/spaz rock, becasue Naked City is no more. One my favorite things of Fantomas' is their remix of Bjork's "Where is the Line".

Which brings me to something I was very happy to see happen, and will allow me to finish this post. I always thought Bjork and Antony, who this post started out about should do a collaboration. Well it turned out they did too, and on the Bjork's latest Volta, two tracks appeared "The Dull Flame of Desire", and "My Juvenile".

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Fitter Happier said...

That Butoh dancer immediately reminded me of the dancers from the video for "schism".

I've never been a fan of Fantomas, maybe it's just too much for me. Maybe it's my disdain for Mike Patton as a person. Dunno.

I love this kind of stuff, great post.

.kate said...

i took a glass just like this last semester.

we danced around just like this. only I don't have a six pack but I do have a hell of a lot more body hair.

Fitter Happier said...

ick...nothing about that last comment was attractive

paul said...

have you heard the track by Patton under the alias Peeping Tom featuring Norah Jones...

It's interesting, search that out and take a listen, and let me know what you think

VikingFrog said...


More Fatboy

I enjoy this one a lot.

I guess juggling could be considered an interpretive dance to some.

Plus it's a great song.