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Top 10 of 2009

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Paul Sobczak
1. Iron And Wine - Around The Well
2. Tallest Man on Earth - Shallow Grave (2008)
3. Bela Fleck - Throw Down Your Heart
4. Decemberists - Hazards of Love
5. Varius Artists - Dark Was the Night
6. William Elliot Whitmore - Animals in the Dark
7. Amy Milan - Masters of the Burial
8. Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light
9. The Pines - Tremolo
10. Ben Frost - By The Neck

Radio Shows
Q Fresh Air This American Life Vinyl Café Prairie Home Companion Radio Lab Over The Edge C'est La Vie Market Place Quirks and Quarks Dispatches
In The Field The Story From Here Science Friday Framework American Routes

Nose Trumpet

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Computational Wood from Tellart on Vimeo.

I love the internet!

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I Think it was from Nasa

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Free Sound

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World's Largest Cheeto and the Optimus Maximus from Gizmodo on Vimeo.


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The Lost Tromso Tapes on Sound Cloud

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Latest tracks by Canada Goose Records

Pong that sound cloud

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SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

PongThatBeat! from Sebastian Thielke on Vimeo.


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FX Engine

It's Red

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TMA-1 by Aiaiai

Also this bike is awesome.

Nodal 1.5

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A sneak peak of the new version of nodal (coming very soon). This is a short piece by Peter Mcilwain using a pre[-]release version of the software. Logic is used for its synth engines (which is shown just at the start). Unlike the last Nodal demo, this one is a bit more like "here's something I prepared earlier" and there is no note programming. Instead a more complex network is given and the video shows how you can turn on and off parts of it in an interactive way.

Xmap against orange

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Besides being really really buggy and a pain to work with Xmap does not support "orange dots" it does support:

Arrow Down
Arrow Down Left
Arrow Down Right
Arrow Left
Arrow Right
Arrow Up
Arrow Up Left
Arrow Up Right
Benchmark Horizontal
Benchmark Horizontal Vertical
Benchmark Vertical
Blue Circle
Blue Dot
Blue Dot
Blue Flag
Blue Flag
Blue Map Pin
Blue-Green Dot
Blue-Green Dot
Blue-Green Flag
Blue-Green Flag
Boat Launch
Brown Dot
Brown Dot
Brown Flag
Brown Flag
Brown Map Pin
Canoe Trip
Conifer Tree
Cross-Country Skiing
Dark Blue Dot
Dark Blue Dot
Dark Blue Flag
Dark Blue Flag
Dark Blue Map Pin
Dark Gray Map Pin
Dark Green Dot
Dark Green Dot
Dark Green Flag
Dark Green Flag
Dark Green Map Pin
Dark Red Dot
Dark Red Dot
Dark Red Flag
Dark Red Flag
Dark Red Map Pin
Deciduous Tree
Dog Sled Trail
Downhill Skiing
Educational Facility
Existing Basin
Existing Hydrant
Existing Manhole
Existing Valve
Fire Origin
First aid station
Four wheeler
Gaging Station
Geocache Found
Golf Course
Gray Map Pin
Green Dot
Green Dot
Green Flag
Green Flag
Green Map Pin
Green Star
Health Clinic
Horizontal and Vertical Monument
Horizontal Control Data
Horizontal Monument
Hot Spot
Hunting Game Preserve
Hunting Waterfowl Protection Area
Incident base
Incident Command Post
IR Downlink
Iron Pin Found
Iron Pin Set
Light Blue Dot
Light Blue Dot
Light Blue Flag
Light Blue Flag
Map Pin
Military Airbase
Military Base
Mine Quarry
Mine Quarry 2
Mine Shaft
Mobile Weather Unit
Monument Found
Monument Set
Municipal Airport
Pine Tree
Port of Entry
Proposed Basin
Proposed Hydrant
Proposed Manhole
Proposed Valve
Public Cabin Shelter
Rec Vehicle
Red Dot
Red Dot
Red Flag
Red Flag
Red Flag
Red Flag
Red Map Pin
Red X
Repeater Relay
Sand Gravel Pit
Small Blue Dot
Small Blue Dot
Small Blue-Green Dot
Small Brown Dot
Small Brown Dot
Small Dark Blue Dot
Small Dark Blue Dot
Small Dark Green Dot
Small Dark Green Dot
Small Dark Red Dot
Small Dark Red Dot
Small Green Dot
Small Green Dot
Small Light Blue Dot
Small Light Blue Dot
Small Red Dot
Small Red Dot
Small Yellow Dot
Small Yellow Dot
Snowmobile Trail
Spot Fire
Structure Ruin
Summit Tick
Test Pit
Tipup Up
Topup Down
Transient Point
Triangle Down
Triangle Down Fill
Triangle Up
Triangle Up Fill
Truck Stop
Vertical Control Data
Vertical Monument
Yellow Dot
Yellow Dot
Yellow Flag
Yellow Flag
Yellow Map Pin
Yellow Square

But no orange dot!!! More on text importing using Xmap.

Little Violin

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In Progress

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Adding progress bars to red lights is one of the best and only ideas I've ever heard about improving traffic lights. Check it out at


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“Makes blogging easier than ever.” –Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

Posterous Is an email to blog service, which I applaud for the idea of it but I am not sure if it fills any gaps that need filling. Their big claim is no need to sign up for an account, as one just gets attached to the email account that you are sending from. This is essentially the same thing as signing up for an account so I don't see too much benefit there. I do like that it makes flash playable song clips, I wish that blogger did that as I would have used it with a project that I was doing.

You can also customize the blog. See my test posts here.

Split Ground Plane

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Eye CANdy

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or subtitles.

Hinting At Sub Pixel Rendering

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More Gelitin

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Pink Bunny

| |

Gelitin a group of artist that do art... imagine that! Well they did one of my favorite pieces, it's a huge bunny that fell from the hands of an imaginary girl walking across the Italian landscape, a very large imaginary girl as her toy, the pink bunny is rather large.

I have been wanting to visit as the idea of the installation is to last for 20 years (2005 to 2025). But I haven't gotten the chance to go to Italy lately. Anyways I was looking for some pictures of how well this thing has held up and I couldn't find any but yesterday I did at Genitins site. There are some pretty cool shots there including one of people laying on the bunnies guts.

From Gelitin's Site:
more information about the Rabbit (Press Release).
more images about the Rabbit.
Upload and share your own Rabbit images with all of us!
And now even Google Maps is spotting the Rabbit from outerspace.

And look youtube gives me this: nice!

Hrir binaural synthesis

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Circuit Bent Awesomeness

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I really enjoy the quality of this project, just watching it is satisfying, it also looks like the builder made some good money on the sale that being $675.00

Norsk/Svenska Myth

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A Norwegian told me this once:

Clint Eastwood was in an interview and the hosts asks him something along the line of "What make you so cool?" Clint proceeded to nonchalantly reach down to his shirt pocket that held a pack of cigarettes and flick the bottom of it with his finger launching one cigarette into his mouth while his left hand soon after lit the cigarette. He then replied "I don't know."

Yesterday I told it to somebody and then looked it up...looks like it's a myth after all.


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dickchicke n

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kind of lame but ok.


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Alva Noto

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Anthony Braxton

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Marc Ribot

| |


Aki Onda

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analog myth

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I am hearing this over an over, for some reason people think that analog is really great for example listen to this guy.

Compression - nothing to do with digital sound...has to do with the production and mastering process, and or if a compressor is used.

Quantization - nothing to do with digital sound...has to do with midi and it's a option not a rule.

Analog can touch your soul digital cannot... can't argue there, wait what??

And stuff like this:
Well lately I have been really enjoying recording live sounds with the contact mic .. the contact mic is fascinating to me, it’s so organic, it’s like a telescope … I always favor my Zoom sampler for it is analog. It adds starch to digital sound.. really thickens the sound, so it’s really warm,and has survived like 3 computers. It’s amazing I can hold like 20 loops.. it has 3 minutes of record time … amazes me how much you can do with that amount of time… and its extremely versatile considering the amount of effects and pitch control. I also use it for live sampling. My favorite samples are straight off vinyl although latelyI have really been pushing myself on making specific samples….with various instruments such as bow on metals, music boxes, kalimba, old keyboards and mini vibraphones.

From this interview

I am pretty sure Zoom has never made anything that's analog

What a lot of these people are talking about is thing like Dynamic Range, and sample rate, and the fact that when synthesizers went form analog to digital almost all of the ability to manipulate the sounds was lost (due to technical limitations that have now been overcome.)
Truth be told there is no way that this person in the video can perceive if something was recorded analog or digital, further almost everything today if processed through a computer anyways so even if you buy a LP you are getting digital waveforms.

So if you want analog sound then go to a live show, but make sure it's acoustic because you don't wan't any type of amplification (that's most likely digital.)


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The dude in the fourth movement with the vacuum cleaner is the best, I think they are all swedish too.


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200th Post

Joanne Gair

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Breaking the Chains

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My friend Luke, who I am planning on visiting down in Guatemala is working on this event. It's co insides with buy nothing day as well!!!

Check out our Breaking the Chains Facebook event!

"Breaking the Chains" is a single-day social action movement to take place simultaneously around the United States on Black Friday (Nov. 27th), 2009, the biggest shopping day of the year. Its goal is to educate and remind our nation that human slavery still exists, and has a major and growing presence in the world today.

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST. The sole purpose of the event is to educate and remind people that modern slavery does very much exist, and inform them about what can be done to stop it. There will be no monetary donations solicited or accepted for this event.

Anticipated to involve one million participants nationwide, groups of three or more individuals will gather in different localities in all fifty states to hand out information about human trafficking and be available to answer questions about modern-day slavery.

Participants will be dressed in black and wearing restraints around their hands to demonstrate the chains that still bind an estimated fourteen to thirty million people trapped in slavery around the world.

I miss having free time...

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Wind Farm

| |

Katie Face, this is where I was when I called you.

That is the guy who owns the cart by the way

| |

Another Paragraph would help with the expliation here I think, what do you think?

| |

Do Not

| |

More accurate than??

| |

Maximum Loading Level

| |

Contemporary Practice for the 12-stringed Gayageum

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A few years back an old friend of mine, Nathan Nass, was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study the 12-stringed Gayageum in Seoul, South Korea.  I stumbled across this the other day, a clip of Nathan playing the instrument on a television show in Korea:

Klein and Mobeus

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From Wiki

In mathematics, the Klein bottle is a certain non-orientable surface, i.e., a surface (a two-dimensional manifold) with no distinct "inner" and "outer" sides. Other related non-orientable objects include the Möbius strip and the real projective plane. Whereas a Möbius strip is a two-dimensional surface with boundary, a Klein bottle has no boundary. (For comparison, a sphere is an orientable surface with no boundary.)
The Klein bottle was first described in 1882 by the German mathematician Felix Klein.

The Möbius strip or Möbius band (pronounced /ˈmiːbiəs/ or /ˈmoʊbiəs/ in English, IPA: [ˈmøːbiʊs] in German) (alternatively written Mobius or Moebius in English) is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The Möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It is also a ruled surface. It was discovered independently by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.

Print me Cupcake CNC

involuntary sensory inhibition

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Taken from wikipedia

When two identical sounds (i.e., identical sound waves of the same perceived intensity) originate from two sources at different distances from the listener, the sound created at the closest location is heard (arrives) first. To the listener, this creates the impression that the sound comes from that location alone due to a phenomenon that might be described as "involuntary sensory inhibition" in that one's perception of later arrivals is suppressed.

This would be quite interesting to try out in the field as part of an installation.

33 Years

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sam⋅ple  [sam-puhl, sahm-] noun, adjective, verb, -pled, -pling.

3. a sound of short duration, as a musical tone or a drumbeat, digitally stored in a synthesizer for playback.




thanks to madeablog for the link!

Mini CA renuinion

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This weekend in Brooklyn!

Norsk rap

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Not sure exactly what is going on here, but I can assure you that norwegians do indeed us our American swear words as they do in the end of this film. What is up with the glasses and those crayon drawings near the end of the video ummmm?

Red Couch

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Found using this.

Orgainc Soy Beans

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This is what an organic soy bean field look like near the end of September in Illinois. In the background you can see some turbine that I had a hand in putting up.

GOOD Garbage

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Good Magazine always has sweet informational design and while browsing I thought this was interesting. Garbage is neat.

This turtle was supposedly living in the Great Garbage Patch.

non sequiturial youtube

| |

non sequiturial youtube

Video 1:


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Michael and Molly 2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 | |

Wherein our couple discusses their relationship and Ron Howard.

The beginning of my illustrious film career

| |

The continuing dramatic saga of Michael and Molly.

Tuva or Bust

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This post is an invitation to read about the curious Mr. Richard Feynman, I received such an invitation from a distant relative of his while studying electrical engineering in Fargo, ND.

Recommended path to take:

Read "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman" and "What do you care what other people think?"
Learn and practice Throat singing.
Watch: "Genghis Blues"
Read: "Tuva or Bust"
Purchase "Tuva or Bust" bumper sticker
Read other things concerning the mr. Feynman.

Listen to this: August 2009 BBC docu.

Continue to dig deeper and continue to find fascinating things about Feynman like collaborations between Kongar-ol Ondar and Bela Fleck.

Thanks Raylin for invitation.

Sound in Context

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Sound in Context (Full Film) from Sound and Music on Vimeo.

A mention on Bit Forms a gallery that Mr. Sharpe and I stumble upon while looking for hackerspaces in NYC about 6 months ago.

A Bit Bit

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This website is out of control.

A stream of user generated bits.

That is all.

the crash

| |

The Coin

| |


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Back from the wasteland, lots of stories, but they'll have to wait.

For now, here is a Bumper for this years Fantastic Fest I took part in.

FYI, the rules for making a bumper are as follows:

1) Must be Exactly 30 seconds long
2) Must contain a child
3) Must contain a monster
4) Must end with the word "Fantastic"

The bumpers are shown before films during the festival.

I like collecting Ideas

Friday, August 7, 2009 | |

and I just found another one:

On another note I think I am going to try to do a recording of I am sitting in a room, for every new place that I move into, which DeKalb, Illinois is set to be the first.

I also am considering collecting a rather large collection of rocks and a possible book or perhaps a post card book.

And speaking about books I was contemplating turning my Iowa a Day project into a book, and possibly working on a Illinois a day.

On that note I have started a "quote book" I am not sure if I will be re-printing it as it is all hand written.

I am also slowly becoming more of a Railfan.

If anybody has ideas for "destructive musics" please let me know hopefully I will be completing one of them today, the original plan was to do 7 pieces in a weekend in Duluth Minnesota with some friends of my but only one was finished. My idea for this one involves a road a vehicle and liquid and plastic as well as dexterity. Link

I also would like to do some rock transportations and make some stuff out of plastic.


Geek Atlas

| |

I don't even want to read what is inside this book, because I have such high hopes for the contents.

Forced Word Acronym Syndrome

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | |

Forced Acronym Syndrome refers to the tendency for acronyms to form commonly used words or combinations. The safety/first aid industry is particularly notorious for this and are responsible to for acronyms such as:

R.A.C.E. - used in case of a fire

Remove people from danger area
Alert people nearby and raise an alarm
Confine fire and smoke
Extinguish and contain fire and evacuate
Remove - Remove people from danger area.
Alarm - Sound the alarm.
Contain - Select and use proper fire extinguisher
Evacuate - Use fire exit.
A.B.C. - Used for CPR

P.A.S.S. - used for fire extinguishers


D.A.R.E. - education program that seeks to prevent use of illegal drugs.


Please submit any Forced Word Acronyms that you have come across in the comments.

I also need help creating the Forced Word Acronym Syndrome into an actual word. The Crossword Solver could help in the search. As an added bonus it would be nice if the Forced Word Acronym Syndrom was also victim to RAS syndrome.


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This is what $1.1 million will buy you in Fargo, ND. (not including taxes)

ADDRESS: 1026 Northern Pacific Avenue
CITY: Fargo, ND
TAXES: As of 01/28/2009 General: $14,935.84 Special: $ 415.65 Total $15,351.49
BALANCE OF SPECIALS: $4,491.29 as of 01/28/2009
ZONING: DMU: Downtown Mixed Use
BUILDING SIZE: 70,480 Square Feet (From City Assessor’s Calculations)
LOT SIZE: 40,752 Square Feet (See Survey)
PURCHASE PRICE: $1,100,000 - includes building and land
COMMENTS: Constructed in the spring of 1929 by Meinecke-Johnson as two separate buildings for Union Storage (East) and Armour and Company (West). The Union building structure is self supporting framework of reinforced concrete with brick curtain wall. The Armour building appears to be Douglas Fir post and beam construction with brick exterior wall. The buildings are 70,480 square feet above grade (more or less) and each has a full basement together totaling 19,975 square feet. Two freight elevators service the buildings. The building is located within downtown Fargo Renaissance Zone and qualifies for special tax credit treatment. Electronic copy of the Armour blueprints are available upon request. Original blueprints are available.

*search #09-255 on realtor site for brochure with more pictures and floorplans!!

This building used to be a meat & poultry plant. My grandmother was a telephone operator in this building long ago. It was bought out several years ago and sent for demolition with plans to reroute the railroad on another track through town. The plans changed and there it sits. I toured the building after signing a waiver for a photoshoot for my job. I've always liked this building from the outside, but couldn't have really imagined what the guts looked like. Although I still fantasize about it becoming a whole foods or a sweet North Dakota Artists' Collective, it has the worst water damage (death mold smell!) I've ever seen and the owner claims it would take about $20-$30 million to renovate. Good luck with that.

There are not many places:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | |

This image is © Wellcome Images, but has been altered into a Derivative Work by Paul Sobczak by cropping, removing and adding content

There are not many places where the ATM fee is more expensive than a drink, but here in Lee, IL that is the case.

Beer: 2 dollars
ATM Fee: 2.50

Thom Yorke - The Present Tense

| |

Barbie Dream Camper

Monday, July 20, 2009 | |

For the last 25 years, a friend and I have been worker/members of Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion, a Steam Thresher/Tractor show in our hometown of Rollag, MN. During the Labor Day Weekend show, we stayed at home until we were old enough to camp on our own and have been tenting with our friends for several years now. Until this year...we managed to get our hands on an old camper/ice-fishing house and fixed it up 'bachelorette' style and to match our hot pink golf cart, naturally. I'm pretty proud.

(Nevermind the man underneath the camper. He's adjusting the height. No Dads were injured in the making of this beauty.)

I don't think they intended this message

Friday, July 17, 2009 | |

Literal interpretation would have you believe they don't allow you to bike ride skateboard and rollerblade all at the same time, but any of the individual activities are permitted. If they would have used "or" this sign would have made sense. Logic Statements.

If somebody can make a graphic of someone bike riding skateboarding and rollerblading with the anti circle and stripe (I think this would be a good issue for fark's photoshop thread, how do you submit there?

Seen in Geneva, IL.


| |

Circa 2009 in Chicago, IL

IEEE's The Art of Falure

Thursday, July 16, 2009 | |

IEEE's "Art of Failure" contest just released a gallery of 10 images for 2009. In their own worlds the gallery is "A microscopic menagerie from damaged devices." Older 2008 gallery is here.

A Few Tracks

| |

Thom Yorke - All For the Best
via Stereogum

Kurt Vile - Overnite Religion
via MBV

Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises / Drops in the River
via From the Basement


| |

Found on Wikipedia:

"As noted by PPCoM, (The Professional Players Committee of Minesweeper), a league started up soon after the game's conception, the official theme song of Minesweeper has been nominated as "Here Comes the Boom", by Nelly."

Also found on Wikipedia:

"The popular Minesweeper game under Microsoft Windows has a cheat mode triggered by entering the comment xyzzy, then pressing ⇧ Shift and then ↵ Enter, which turns a single pixel in the top-left corner of the entire screen into a small black or white dot depending on whether or not the mouse pointer is over a mine.[4] This feature is present in all versions except for Windows Vista and the Windows 7 beta, but under Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 the pixel is only visible if the standard Explorer desktop is not running."
Can you get this to work? If so what are you running for a OS?

Wondering if there are any new ghost riding videos on youtube...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | |

Has anybody checked lately?

Posts are better with pictures

| |

There is ice in the urinals

Whistle While you Work

| |

As seen at the factory that my company recently took over and is now working in. Guess what they made ?