Big Ears 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009 | |

I was reading a copy of Wire in a small diner in Minnedosa, Manitoba, when I saw an add for Big Ears 2009. It's in Knoxville, Tennessee with an amazing line up:

Antony and the Johnsons
Michael Gira
Larkin Grimm
Phillip Glass
plus others...

the "inner ear" all access pass is about 200 dollars. I could get a plane ticket out there and back to Canada for about 800, I am not sure if I should do it, I am moving back and forth on this one. It would be so spectacular, but it puts me on a pretty tight budget for the rest of my traveling, and not having a job and all back home worries me a bit.

I would fly out of Winnipeg and into Knoxville, and then back to Ottawa. I am thinking I would do a bit of couchsurfing while I was there so I would not have to pay for a place to sleep. I really want to go, but 1000 bucks is a pretty large price tag.

What do you think, should I go or not? and on that note anybody want to attend with me?


knoxvillearts said...

Yes. Do it! I'm already here ... seriously, this festival is going to be amazing. the small venues will make this an event unlike any other.

paul said...

smile, do you live in knoxville?

Fitter Happier said...

I think if making this trip might shorten your world-wandering by a couple weeks because of the cost, then do not do it.

You will appreciate every second of this time later on.

paul said...

yes, agreed but its so good. I am giving myself until tonight to decide, but I am leaning agianst it right now. I have always wanted to see negativland and antony, and mr. glass oh how great it would be. If I had my car I would leave tonight.

paul said...

mrrrr, I am saying no, but it would have been so awesome. I hope more stuff like this happens, they promoters said they have plans on doing similar endeavors in the future.