Kim Chi

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | |

Ahh, Kim Chi!! I was first introduced to this wonderful Korean dish in High School, and I have remained a fan ever since, here is a collection of other people who also have an affinity towards the rotten cabbage.

To explain Kim Chi is :
Kimchi is traditionally made by bundling the components (heads of cabbage, other vegetables and chili powder) in a jar and burying it in the ground to keep a steady temperature for fermentation. In a traditional village you can see hay structures made to keep the ground dry.

The chili powder that is so prevalent in kimchi (and shows up in many more Korean dishes) was actually introduced to Korean culture after the time of Columbus. Traders first brought chili peppers over from Mexico

Kimchi contains vitamin A and C, and minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron. Kimchi has very few calories and lots of dietary fibers, making it good for diets while facilitating metabolism. Kimchi has abundant antioxidants, anti-carcinogens and is very good for your body. Particularly your digestive system. I thought that eating so much spicy Korean food would have a disastrous effect on flatulence. Quite the opposite.

Kimchi has a very strong smell. Many officetels, (including our first one) come equipped with a kimchi refrigerator so that the rest of your food does not smell like kimchi.

When taking photographs, South Koreans often use the word "kimchi" the same way English speakers would say the word "cheese".

But it is much more too, including the wonderful song:

No Embedding, this is the first I have seen of that with respect to a youtube video. Anyways it's awesome.

This band also tips their hat at the dish

Stepping further in to the world of Kimchi you can find wonderfully tasty recipies of Kimchi and Spam. One of the many things I learned while at the Spam museum in Austin, MN was that both Hawaiians and Koreans love spam, so here is one of my Kimchi/spam recipies:

And Government officials seek a scientific scale to rate the spiciness of the national fermented pickle. Or is it a salad?

and finally this guy: