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Lännen-Jukka a Finnish folk music band, and they are one of those bands that I hear every 6 months or so an go "Oh yea! this is good". It's all a part of the perpetual search for great music. Turns out Lannen-Jukka has been to Minnesota and well they were not met with open arms, back in 2007

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

Perhaps the most damning comment on the incident was delivered by [J. Karjalainen] who was strip-searched. On a couple of occasions prior to 1991, he was detained by the KGB and interrogated. Compared to the ICE agents here in the Twin Cities, the KGB operatives, he says, "at least acted like human beings. Not a bunch of animals."

"It was almost three hours of screaming, door-slamming and accusations, according to the report I received," said Marianne Wargelin, honorary Finnish consul for the Dakotas and most of Minnesota, which has the second largest Finnish-American population in the nation.

Erkki Maattanen, a filmmaker for Finnish Public Television who accompanied the musicians on the September trip, said his questioners seemed to think the entourage was smuggling drugs or intending to work without a permit. "I kept trying to tell them why we were here, but they'd just yell, 'Shut up!"' he said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials at the airport declined to comment, referring questions to regional press officer Brett Sturgeon.

Sturgeon said such behavior, if it occurred, would run contrary to the agency's policy that travelers must be treated in a professional manner. The complaint has not yet arrived at the Chicago regional office, but when it does, it will be fully investigated, he said.

Looks like they were headed to either Minneapolis for the Nordic Roots Festival put on by the curator of the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, who by the way own's North Side records as well as a minneapolis specific record label called East Side) or they could have been headed to Duluth for the Finnish music festival, don't know much about that but it seems cool. I guess they could also be just visiting...

I particularly like the following track:

Lannen-Jukka - Nancy ja Sally

More of their music here and perhaps below if that works.