Podcast Worth Listening to:

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This American Life:
I really enjoy the perspectives and topics covered here, most times the topics are very simple but through out the show interesting things start to evolve.

Vinyl Cafe:
One of my favorite show's from Canada but with a tendency to also do some live shows in the good old US. This is one of the only live programs that I have seen in person and it was a great time, well worth it if you get the chance.

Over the Edge:
Negativland the band's almost weekly radio show where they plow through loads of material in spectacular fashion. I really enjoy the collage nature of the show and the fact the after the 3 hours there seems to be some order to it all.

MPR: Minnesota Public Radio, I am biased as I have grown up listening to it, and I was lucky enough to get it while I was living in both Fargo, North Dakota, and Forest City, Iowa. MPR has one of the largest audiences of any regional public radio network according to Wikipedia.

The World Cafe: I usually just browse the archives and listen to interviews of artist that I think are interesting, and the World Cafe get's their fair share of interesting artists in.

Prairie Home Companion: A great radio show done in the style of old time radio, each show is done live, well most of them are. The show has a rough theme of living on the edge of the prairie, it is one of the most prized pieces of radio going on in currently in the USA.

Framework A: Field: Field Recording radio, done by some guys in the UK. The show opens up with listeners around the world doing introducitons in different sonic enviroments.

Radio Lab: each hour-long show focuses on a topic of a scientific and philosophical nature, through stories, interviews, and thought experiments.

Other Minds:
devoted to presenting, preserving, and helping build a community around a varied, open-ended approach to new music, lots of cool interviews with various luminaries of the music world.

Other things I like to listen to:
Resonance FM Uk Avant Garde Radio Station
Trevor Hirst's radio show
Welcome to Mars: A Terminal Podcast about the USA and interesting wierd stuff that happened around the 1950's, by Ken Hollings