will be still singing

Saturday, May 9, 2009 | |

Mat: yeah i guess
i heard you were saying i was a really great friend and whatnot

me: wtf man.... I would never say any thing like that, why who would have told you such a thing, I ought to ring their neck and kick their dog, I can't believe it, boy what's wrong with people, I suppose it's not enough overall's or maybe it's like when you don't get to eat you oatmeal for breakfast and you just think about it all day long and think that it's going to be great tomorrow, but when you eat it, it's like you had never skipped a day in the first place, you know because you eat breakfast in the morning and all.

Mat: that there was a handful, it was a bit like a mcgriddle from McDonalds, three days worth of calories in ten bites! talk about a heart attack waiting to happen, but hey you don't live forever right. but at least they will be still singing your songs while you're six feet under. am i right, or what.

me: yea, I think you might be right but that reminds me have you ever seen an English man went up a hill and down a mountain, that was a good film, I am talking about make your skillet dry from licking good, I am talking better than Ezra good, I am talk when the east meet the west good, wait that cant happen,aaaaah well what was I talking about oh yea skillets!

Mat: ...great flick. it's all about subcultures that this guy gets tangled up in and hes looking for this girl that he met at the beginning. great flick. good social commentary. its kinda like a mcgriddle breakfast sandwich from McDonald's: everything delicious mashed into a bite size meal that will give you a heart attack 7 minutes after you eat it, but your going to eat it anyways because its exactly what you want.