WP Audio Gallery Playlist Hack: Block Plugin from automatically inserting XPSF player

Saturday, May 30, 2009 | |

The WP Audio Gallery Playlist is pretty nifty, it will automatically generate and link the files needed to generate use the XSPF (read Spiff) player, an open source playlist audio player rendered in flash.

It does exactly what it should, but I was running into a problem, I didn't want the plugin to automatically insert the player if there was audio present, just when I wanted it to. So here is how I did it:

In the wp-audio-gallery-playlist.php file find

if (is_array($lc_matches[0])) //&& !$this->mobile)

and remove everything inside the curly brackets. Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

thanks for pointing out the need to disable the auto embedding. i have added an option to disable this if the user chooses so in version 0.10 of the plugin.

paul said...

Dliem you're welcome, Some other things that you could do, and I am willing to help you out if you want.

Enable/Disable downloads, different skins, there are some on the web, and the possibility choosing the image for all of the songs instead of choosing an image for each one separately (I have one instance of your player that displays 195 songs, and adding a URL to the Caption to 195 is not really worth my time.

Berilac said...

Hi, dilem. This plugin does not work with WordPress 2.8 :(

alex xander said...
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