Sunday, May 10, 2009 | |

I just watched WristCutters: A Love Story, it's great and really laugh out loud funny.

From Wikipedia:
After Zia commits suicide by cutting his wrists, he finds himself in an afterlife limbo that is much the same as his former reality, just slightly worse. Here the color is dim, there are no flowers, and no one can smile. This strange realm is populated by people who have committed suicide, such as Eugene , a Russian rocker who lives with his mother, father, and brother (all suicide victims).
Sound grim, but I promise it's funny and worth your time, and Mr. Tom Waits is in there too, which gave me a little to laugh about as well.



crystal said...

The movie sounds great! I will have to watch and give my review.

paul said...

yea, I think you will like it crystal.