Cable companies say "Fuck off and buy this black box!!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009 | |

Cable companies across the US are using the latest digital to analog switch to swindle consumers. The are telling people that they need to purchase a secondary cable box not related in any way to the original switch.

The swindle is happening to cable subscribers. The providers are deleting channels then telling the subscribers that they will need a converter box to get back the deleted channels. This is a complete outrage and communities are railing against it.

The worst part is most of the companies are attacking the public broadcasting and local information channels, which will soon render their viewership to almost none. Oh and they are charging rent for the boxes in most places as well another huge swindle.

Oh an on a side note those boxes I am guessing are little more than a switch (plug in a cable and then ping back to the company that the the subscriber has a box no more than 5 dollars of materials, and a complete waste of everybody time, money and resources.

So there you have it Cable companies fucking you over not once, not twice, but three times.

We really need a strong consumer watch dog/ advocacy group lobbying for the everyday person here in the US, this type of thing is happening all to much.