Isle of Sheppey - explosive deathtrap or quiet retreat?

Friday, June 26, 2009 | |

Last May or maybe it was June, I visited England, specifically the small towns southeast of London. Of all the new places, my favorite was the Isle of Sheppey, a small island off the
northern coast in the Thames Estuary. It's not well known, but interests me because it could be blown up any second by the beached explosive 'whale' from WWII that remains perched on a sandbar just off the coast. If that wasn't enough, the nuclear plant and cement garden gnome factory make for an entertaining island adventure. The nice folks I stayed with on the mainland were relieved when I returned from my excursion that I hadn't gotten eaten alive by the locals, or 'swampies'. But, I wish I would've stayed around longer and had a chat with the East Enders actress who must've been getting away from city life at the harbor wall next to the Tesco. How sweet.

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