Forced Word Acronym Syndrome

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Forced Acronym Syndrome refers to the tendency for acronyms to form commonly used words or combinations. The safety/first aid industry is particularly notorious for this and are responsible to for acronyms such as:

R.A.C.E. - used in case of a fire

Remove people from danger area
Alert people nearby and raise an alarm
Confine fire and smoke
Extinguish and contain fire and evacuate
Remove - Remove people from danger area.
Alarm - Sound the alarm.
Contain - Select and use proper fire extinguisher
Evacuate - Use fire exit.
A.B.C. - Used for CPR

P.A.S.S. - used for fire extinguishers


D.A.R.E. - education program that seeks to prevent use of illegal drugs.


Please submit any Forced Word Acronyms that you have come across in the comments.

I also need help creating the Forced Word Acronym Syndrome into an actual word. The Crossword Solver could help in the search. As an added bonus it would be nice if the Forced Word Acronym Syndrom was also victim to RAS syndrome.


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This is what $1.1 million will buy you in Fargo, ND. (not including taxes)

ADDRESS: 1026 Northern Pacific Avenue
CITY: Fargo, ND
TAXES: As of 01/28/2009 General: $14,935.84 Special: $ 415.65 Total $15,351.49
BALANCE OF SPECIALS: $4,491.29 as of 01/28/2009
ZONING: DMU: Downtown Mixed Use
BUILDING SIZE: 70,480 Square Feet (From City Assessor’s Calculations)
LOT SIZE: 40,752 Square Feet (See Survey)
PURCHASE PRICE: $1,100,000 - includes building and land
COMMENTS: Constructed in the spring of 1929 by Meinecke-Johnson as two separate buildings for Union Storage (East) and Armour and Company (West). The Union building structure is self supporting framework of reinforced concrete with brick curtain wall. The Armour building appears to be Douglas Fir post and beam construction with brick exterior wall. The buildings are 70,480 square feet above grade (more or less) and each has a full basement together totaling 19,975 square feet. Two freight elevators service the buildings. The building is located within downtown Fargo Renaissance Zone and qualifies for special tax credit treatment. Electronic copy of the Armour blueprints are available upon request. Original blueprints are available.

*search #09-255 on realtor site for brochure with more pictures and floorplans!!

This building used to be a meat & poultry plant. My grandmother was a telephone operator in this building long ago. It was bought out several years ago and sent for demolition with plans to reroute the railroad on another track through town. The plans changed and there it sits. I toured the building after signing a waiver for a photoshoot for my job. I've always liked this building from the outside, but couldn't have really imagined what the guts looked like. Although I still fantasize about it becoming a whole foods or a sweet North Dakota Artists' Collective, it has the worst water damage (death mold smell!) I've ever seen and the owner claims it would take about $20-$30 million to renovate. Good luck with that.

There are not many places:

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This image is © Wellcome Images, but has been altered into a Derivative Work by Paul Sobczak by cropping, removing and adding content

There are not many places where the ATM fee is more expensive than a drink, but here in Lee, IL that is the case.

Beer: 2 dollars
ATM Fee: 2.50

Thom Yorke - The Present Tense

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Barbie Dream Camper

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For the last 25 years, a friend and I have been worker/members of Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion, a Steam Thresher/Tractor show in our hometown of Rollag, MN. During the Labor Day Weekend show, we stayed at home until we were old enough to camp on our own and have been tenting with our friends for several years now. Until this year...we managed to get our hands on an old camper/ice-fishing house and fixed it up 'bachelorette' style and to match our hot pink golf cart, naturally. I'm pretty proud.

(Nevermind the man underneath the camper. He's adjusting the height. No Dads were injured in the making of this beauty.)

I don't think they intended this message

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Literal interpretation would have you believe they don't allow you to bike ride skateboard and rollerblade all at the same time, but any of the individual activities are permitted. If they would have used "or" this sign would have made sense. Logic Statements.

If somebody can make a graphic of someone bike riding skateboarding and rollerblading with the anti circle and stripe (I think this would be a good issue for fark's photoshop thread, how do you submit there?

Seen in Geneva, IL.


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Circa 2009 in Chicago, IL

IEEE's The Art of Falure

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IEEE's "Art of Failure" contest just released a gallery of 10 images for 2009. In their own worlds the gallery is "A microscopic menagerie from damaged devices." Older 2008 gallery is here.

A Few Tracks

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Thom Yorke - All For the Best
via Stereogum

Kurt Vile - Overnite Religion
via MBV

Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises / Drops in the River
via From the Basement


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Found on Wikipedia:

"As noted by PPCoM, (The Professional Players Committee of Minesweeper), a league started up soon after the game's conception, the official theme song of Minesweeper has been nominated as "Here Comes the Boom", by Nelly."

Also found on Wikipedia:

"The popular Minesweeper game under Microsoft Windows has a cheat mode triggered by entering the comment xyzzy, then pressing ⇧ Shift and then ↵ Enter, which turns a single pixel in the top-left corner of the entire screen into a small black or white dot depending on whether or not the mouse pointer is over a mine.[4] This feature is present in all versions except for Windows Vista and the Windows 7 beta, but under Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 the pixel is only visible if the standard Explorer desktop is not running."
Can you get this to work? If so what are you running for a OS?

Wondering if there are any new ghost riding videos on youtube...

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Has anybody checked lately?

Posts are better with pictures

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There is ice in the urinals

Whistle While you Work

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As seen at the factory that my company recently took over and is now working in. Guess what they made ?

Kay you There?

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The next sentence is true but you must not believe it. The previous sentence was false.

Disney Fail.

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This made me feel better as a designer tonight, at least for a few minutes. :)

The Next Step for Smartphones (adding high quality microphones)

Thursday, July 2, 2009 | |

I am sure you are well aware of the smart phones that are infiltrating the market as of lately. I have really high hopes for what is happening with the iPhone application store, the shear number of applications that are available is mind boggling awesome. The Android open platform looks like it will start to take off here as I have read that by the end of 2009 there is to be around 20 phones on the market, and I have always been a fan of Nokia and I currently carry a N95.

The one big thing that I think the smart phone community is missing is the possibility of pushing into the realm of high-quality audio recording. There is a pretty decent market for hand held audio recorders at most music shops you can find a selection of them and at electronic stores you can find a good selection of lower quality voice recorders.

People are using these audio recorders for situations ranging from

  • recording music practice sessions
  • concert recording
  • voice dictations
  • radio work
  • found sounds
  • podcasts ect.
To let you know, as well as the Nokia N95 phone, I have been known to carry around an Edirol R-09HR audio recorder and I really like it, and have used it extensively for a bunch of different application including all of the ones listed above.

Here in lies the problem and the solution (small tech startups read and start working), the Edirol recorder is awesome, but it's too big to carry around all of the time so I usually don't bring it out daily. I do bring my phone out every day, but the microphone is worthless for audio recording. The solution, incorporate a high quality microphone into a smart phone.

Take a look at the success of the Zoom H2 Digital Recorder, by most people standards it's a high quality microphone and retails for $200.00. Much of the cost of this recorder could be eliminated using a phone, just make sure the phone can handle audio in (pretty simple and cheap) and add a set of on board microphones and the whole system would be ready to go. An application on the phone could control everything all at no extra cost to the phone. My estimates put this upgrade at around 50 dollars. Judging from what the public wants, and is willing to pay for, this thing would sell. As an added benefit this feature could make the phone "timeless" causing it not to fade away after a year on the market because the feature set is so valuable.

This is what I would like to see in my next smart phone purchase, I'll call it the "Dream list":
  • Calling capablities
  • WiFi
  • Android OS
  • Sim card capeable
  • Expandable memory (sd cards)
  • 5 Mega Pixel camera with auto-foucus
  • High-Quality microphones on board
  • Gps,accelerometer,compass
  • Touch screen and qwerty keyboard
Taking a look at the N95 that I have:
  • Calling capablities
  • WiFi
  • Android OS
  • Sim card capeable
  • Expandable memory (sd cards)
  • 5 Mega Pixel camera with auto-foucus
  • High-Quality microphones on board
  • Gps,accelerometer
  • Touch screen and qwerty keyboard
These options are not that far away, under my estimates you can put a high-quality microphone on board the phone for about 50 dollars, touch screen for another 50, and using the android OS would cost the developers about -100 dollars. So looking at this realistically my N95 which came out sometime in 2007 could accomplish this goal for about zero dollars.

I think the public will be willing to pay for it as well lets put an exaggerated price tag of $700 on the device and then breakdown what it would cost to buy all of the components separately.

$ 200 MP3 player
$ 200 Digital Camera
$ 100 Wifi phone
$ 200 Audio Recorder

That's the $700 dollar price tag there, having all of the devices in one, that would be it, and it would be good. Walking further down the road the N95 can be purchased at just under $400 dollars add a touch screen, and mics and put Android on there and you could walk away with a phone that has a value of well over $700 dollars for just about the same price as the current $400 price.