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This is what $1.1 million will buy you in Fargo, ND. (not including taxes)

ADDRESS: 1026 Northern Pacific Avenue
CITY: Fargo, ND
TAXES: As of 01/28/2009 General: $14,935.84 Special: $ 415.65 Total $15,351.49
BALANCE OF SPECIALS: $4,491.29 as of 01/28/2009
ZONING: DMU: Downtown Mixed Use
BUILDING SIZE: 70,480 Square Feet (From City Assessor’s Calculations)
LOT SIZE: 40,752 Square Feet (See Survey)
PURCHASE PRICE: $1,100,000 - includes building and land
COMMENTS: Constructed in the spring of 1929 by Meinecke-Johnson as two separate buildings for Union Storage (East) and Armour and Company (West). The Union building structure is self supporting framework of reinforced concrete with brick curtain wall. The Armour building appears to be Douglas Fir post and beam construction with brick exterior wall. The buildings are 70,480 square feet above grade (more or less) and each has a full basement together totaling 19,975 square feet. Two freight elevators service the buildings. The building is located within downtown Fargo Renaissance Zone and qualifies for special tax credit treatment. Electronic copy of the Armour blueprints are available upon request. Original blueprints are available.

*search #09-255 on realtor site for brochure with more pictures and floorplans!!

This building used to be a meat & poultry plant. My grandmother was a telephone operator in this building long ago. It was bought out several years ago and sent for demolition with plans to reroute the railroad on another track through town. The plans changed and there it sits. I toured the building after signing a waiver for a photoshoot for my job. I've always liked this building from the outside, but couldn't have really imagined what the guts looked like. Although I still fantasize about it becoming a whole foods or a sweet North Dakota Artists' Collective, it has the worst water damage (death mold smell!) I've ever seen and the owner claims it would take about $20-$30 million to renovate. Good luck with that.


paul said...

I wonder when that top photo was taken?

20 - 30 million bha!

whatshernameagain said...

between 1930-39. http://www.digitalhorizonsonline.org/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/uw&CISOPTR=4666&CISOBOX=1&REC=4