Monday, August 10, 2009 | |

Back from the wasteland, lots of stories, but they'll have to wait.

For now, here is a Bumper for this years Fantastic Fest I took part in.

FYI, the rules for making a bumper are as follows:

1) Must be Exactly 30 seconds long
2) Must contain a child
3) Must contain a monster
4) Must end with the word "Fantastic"

The bumpers are shown before films during the festival.


paul said...

did you make a 30 second film?

Fitter Happier said...

yes, embedded in this post, the one with the lollipop

paul said...

yea, I talked with Matt and he was wondering if I was being sarcastic with that post, and I just mis-understood what you meant by "took Part in"

Nice to see you back and posting :O