I like collecting Ideas

Friday, August 7, 2009 | |

and I just found another one:


On another note I think I am going to try to do a recording of I am sitting in a room, for every new place that I move into, which DeKalb, Illinois is set to be the first.

I also am considering collecting a rather large collection of rocks and a possible book or perhaps a post card book.

And speaking about books I was contemplating turning my Iowa a Day project into a book, and possibly working on a Illinois a day.

On that note I have started a "quote book" I am not sure if I will be re-printing it as it is all hand written.

I am also slowly becoming more of a Railfan.

If anybody has ideas for "destructive musics" please let me know hopefully I will be completing one of them today, the original plan was to do 7 pieces in a weekend in Duluth Minnesota with some friends of my but only one was finished. My idea for this one involves a road a vehicle and liquid and plastic as well as dexterity. Link

I also would like to do some rock transportations and make some stuff out of plastic.



mts said...

Amazing bonus.

paul said...

you are welcome

paul said...

negative on the destruction....

whatshernameagain said...

I would like to know more about these 'destructive musics'.

paul said...

I didn't get the chance to ask you when I was up the. Read "Paul Forgot"
but I did write that post on your computer.

Jacee kaylen said...
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Jacee kaylen said...

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