analog myth

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 | |

I am hearing this over an over, for some reason people think that analog is really great for example listen to this guy.

Compression - nothing to do with digital sound...has to do with the production and mastering process, and or if a compressor is used.

Quantization - nothing to do with digital sound...has to do with midi and it's a option not a rule.

Analog can touch your soul digital cannot... can't argue there, wait what??

And stuff like this:
Well lately I have been really enjoying recording live sounds with the contact mic .. the contact mic is fascinating to me, it’s so organic, it’s like a telescope … I always favor my Zoom sampler for it is analog. It adds starch to digital sound.. really thickens the sound, so it’s really warm,and has survived like 3 computers. It’s amazing I can hold like 20 loops.. it has 3 minutes of record time … amazes me how much you can do with that amount of time… and its extremely versatile considering the amount of effects and pitch control. I also use it for live sampling. My favorite samples are straight off vinyl although latelyI have really been pushing myself on making specific samples….with various instruments such as bow on metals, music boxes, kalimba, old keyboards and mini vibraphones.

From this interview

I am pretty sure Zoom has never made anything that's analog

What a lot of these people are talking about is thing like Dynamic Range, and sample rate, and the fact that when synthesizers went form analog to digital almost all of the ability to manipulate the sounds was lost (due to technical limitations that have now been overcome.)
Truth be told there is no way that this person in the video can perceive if something was recorded analog or digital, further almost everything today if processed through a computer anyways so even if you buy a LP you are getting digital waveforms.

So if you want analog sound then go to a live show, but make sure it's acoustic because you don't wan't any type of amplification (that's most likely digital.)