Breaking the Chains

Monday, November 9, 2009 | |

My friend Luke, who I am planning on visiting down in Guatemala is working on this event. It's co insides with buy nothing day as well!!!

Check out our Breaking the Chains Facebook event!

"Breaking the Chains" is a single-day social action movement to take place simultaneously around the United States on Black Friday (Nov. 27th), 2009, the biggest shopping day of the year. Its goal is to educate and remind our nation that human slavery still exists, and has a major and growing presence in the world today.

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST. The sole purpose of the event is to educate and remind people that modern slavery does very much exist, and inform them about what can be done to stop it. There will be no monetary donations solicited or accepted for this event.

Anticipated to involve one million participants nationwide, groups of three or more individuals will gather in different localities in all fifty states to hand out information about human trafficking and be available to answer questions about modern-day slavery.

Participants will be dressed in black and wearing restraints around their hands to demonstrate the chains that still bind an estimated fourteen to thirty million people trapped in slavery around the world.