Pink Bunny

Saturday, November 21, 2009 | |

Gelitin a group of artist that do art... imagine that! Well they did one of my favorite pieces, it's a huge bunny that fell from the hands of an imaginary girl walking across the Italian landscape, a very large imaginary girl as her toy, the pink bunny is rather large.

I have been wanting to visit as the idea of the installation is to last for 20 years (2005 to 2025). But I haven't gotten the chance to go to Italy lately. Anyways I was looking for some pictures of how well this thing has held up and I couldn't find any but yesterday I did at Genitins site. There are some pretty cool shots there including one of people laying on the bunnies guts.

From Gelitin's Site:
more information about the Rabbit (Press Release).
more images about the Rabbit.
Upload and share your own Rabbit images with all of us!
And now even Google Maps is spotting the Rabbit from outerspace.

And look youtube gives me this: nice!