27 rue de Fleurus: The Stein salon

Monday, December 24, 2012 | |

On the physical universe level this phenomenon could be understood by dealing with the rapidity surrounding the progressional shifting of information by the controlling forces dictating western culture. Every week there is a new spectical on display, and all of us are constantly bombarded with what music to buy, what art is 'in' - what fashions are correct - what music is the best, etc., etc. In the time zone of a given year many of us would be shocked to discover how many specticals we have gone through - either with regards to creativity; or more important, how the controlling forces of American culture would have us perceive creativity. We are constan tly forced to keep up with both the changing social jargon related to how given creative thrusts are perceived as well as the effect of what that jargon helps create in vibrationaltory terms - with regards to actual physical universe life. It does not matter whether the spectical involves 'op-art' or the emergence of what is now called 'funky' music, because in the final analysis the thrust continuum of creativity is constantly changing, and it would be to our advantage to have some understanding of what this means. -ab