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the body has picked up an information stream

and has not let go    

Frédéric François Chopin Has Never Smiled

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The Space
This beautiful cozy position is centrally located, one heartbeat away from the Wizard's Apprentice of Taos, NM. The car has excellent articles, three volunteers, three dreams, 2 nights, one guide, and an fully equipped piano with one free rat.
Guest Access
The whole house
Interaction with Guests
I will be there to check you in
The Neighborhood
the best thing about this cozy public domain is location, training, location, goals!! All the best listening restaurants, Consolation coffee places, responsive bars, peaceful supermarkets that are 1 to 2 substantial minutes away walking distance.
Getting around
Oh Luke Maguire Armstrong knows the Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Man. Oh yes,  he knows, Oh yes, the Muffin man, Oh yes,. Luke is an author/musician, Oh yes, the Muffin Man. A raccoon survivor, and one who eats Muffins and a Man Oh Yes who has done educational things.
Other Things to Note
Let me know if you have any doubts, Im willing to help you!

Hello Sir... Hello... Smart Water Chug....

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“You get to the top of a wall, there’s nothing up there. Lionel Terray, the great French climber called it ‘The conquistadors of the useless.’ Yeah, the end result is absolutely useless, but every time I travel, I learn something new and hopefully I get to be a better person.” – Yvon Chouinard

Whales and Dolphins are conscious breathers

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Then there’s what I remember most about my drive: the stunning emptiness.

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What? moving to CA? please explain.

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Empty my pockets filled with stones
My pockets filled with stones
Oh, I broke his mirror long before
I've raised the bottom to be saved
It's just a shallow grave
I found the season once claimed healthy
Oh, I need the guidance of the lost
It's just a shallow grave

AT&T will pay $110 million to each customer for "cramming" extra charges into customer bills. If you had a AT&T bill you are now a 100+ millionare.

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This is why
Why we fight
Why we lie awake
And this is why

This is why we fight
When we die

We will die

With our arms unbound
And this is why

Why we fight

Is it Béla or or Belá?

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

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Have you ever experienced temporary Alice in Wonderland syndrome?

First Circle

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From Yunnan with Love

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小人人只喝 黑茶。

Xiǎo rén rén zhǐ hē hēi chá.
The Xiao Ren Ren only drink Pu-erh tea.
La gente pequeña sólo beben pu-erh té.
Les petites gens ne boivent pu erh thé.
La malgranda homo nur trinki pu-erh teo.

Dinner For Breakfast: Any dinner item works well for breakfast and can provide much more get-up-and-go than traditional breakfast foods.

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Grease with margarine or butte

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Tickets go on sale on Friday, October 3 at noon

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Typical Gâteau Basque is constructed.

Flamingo Pink!

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You can travel the world but you can't run away
from the person you are in your heart
you can be who you want to be
make us believe in you
keep all your light in the dark
if your searching for truth
you must look in the mirror
and make sense of what you can see
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be
just be

Sitting Here

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dreaming of making a Chai Pilgrimage

In Search of Nyana

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  • Take a slow, deep breath to the point of strain while broadening the shoulders, then continue attempting the inhalation - flexing the diaphragm - for a four second hold. Exhale completely to the point of mild discomfort, then continue exhaling by compressing the upper abdominal muscles and collapsing the shoulders towards the solar plexus. When further exhalation becomes impossible, hold for four seconds and then inhale completely, broadening the shoulders to ensure the lungs can inflate entirely. Collect air in the mouth, then use a sort of swallowing motion to force that air into the lungs. Continue to swallow or pack five mouthfuls of air.
  • Don't move at all: any movement burns oxygen.
  • Try not to think. Thinking also uses oxygen.
  • Get comfortable with your body's responses. How many contractions you can tolerate? 
  • Expect mild muscular cramps. Whether in your thighs, shoulders or hands, often the increasing acidity of the blood that results from breath holding will cause muscles to stiffen and contract. 
  • Exhale slowly and repeat.