In Search of Nyana

Thursday, October 2, 2014 | |

  • Take a slow, deep breath to the point of strain while broadening the shoulders, then continue attempting the inhalation - flexing the diaphragm - for a four second hold. Exhale completely to the point of mild discomfort, then continue exhaling by compressing the upper abdominal muscles and collapsing the shoulders towards the solar plexus. When further exhalation becomes impossible, hold for four seconds and then inhale completely, broadening the shoulders to ensure the lungs can inflate entirely. Collect air in the mouth, then use a sort of swallowing motion to force that air into the lungs. Continue to swallow or pack five mouthfuls of air.
  • Don't move at all: any movement burns oxygen.
  • Try not to think. Thinking also uses oxygen.
  • Get comfortable with your body's responses. How many contractions you can tolerate? 
  • Expect mild muscular cramps. Whether in your thighs, shoulders or hands, often the increasing acidity of the blood that results from breath holding will cause muscles to stiffen and contract. 
  • Exhale slowly and repeat.