The increased deployment of nuclear power facilities must lead society toward authoritarianism. Indeed, safe reliance upon nuclear power as the principal source of energy may be possible only in a totalitarian state." Echoing the views of many proponents of appropri ate technology and the soft energy path, Hayes contends that "dispersed solar sources are more compatible than centralized technologies with social equity, freedom and cultural pluralism."

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Philosophical Letters (1733) Voltaire
The Origin of Species (1859) Charles Darwin
On a Piece of Chalk (1868) Thomas Huxley
The Mysterious Universe (1930) James Jeans
The Birth and Death of the Sun (1940) George Gamow
The Character of Physical Law (1965) Richard Feynman
The Elegant Universe (1999) Brian Greene
The Selfish Gene (1976) Richard Dawkins
The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986) Richard Rhodes
The Inflationary Universe (1997) Alan Guth
The Whole Shebang (1997) Timothy Ferris
Hiding in the Mirror (2005) Lawrence Krauss
Warped Passages (2005) Lisa Randall

Moab, UT Head east on E Center St toward S 100 E/S 1st E St 0.4 mi Turn right onto Fourth E St 0.6 mi Turn left onto Mulberry Ln 0.2 mi Turn left onto Mill Creek Parkway 0.2 mi Slight right to stay on Mill Creek Parkway 85 ft Turn right toward Lasal Rd 472 ft Continue onto Lasal Rd 0.2 mi Turn right onto E Mill Creek Dr 1.0 mi Continue onto S Spanish Valley Dr 6.6 mi Slight left onto Geyser Pass Rd/La Sal Loop Rd/La Sal Mountain Loop Rd/Steelbender Safari Rte 0.9 mi Turn right at Flat Pass Rd 0.1 mi Slight left 1.1 mi Turn right toward US-191 S 0.2 mi Turn left onto US-191 S 11.7 mi Turn left onto UT-46 E Entering Colorado 21.6 mi Continue onto CO-90 E 33.8 mi Turn right onto CO-141 S 6.1 mi Continue onto CO-145 S 15.3 mi Slight left onto CO-145 S/Grand Ave Continue to follow CO-145 S 17.2 mi Turn right to stay on CO-145 S 12.7 mi At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on CO-145 S 2.9 mi At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto W Colorado Ave 0.6 mi Telluride, CO