First Flatiron

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Chief Niwot may have said that people staying in the valley will be the undoing of its beauty, but it looks like we're doing OK from here?

Entrave à un agent de la paix

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YOU never know where goat will take you. When I asked the smiley butcher at Jefferson Market, the grocery store near my apartment in the West Village, whether he had any goat meat, he told me: “No. I got a leg of lamb, though — I could trim it nice and thin to make it look like goat.” I politely declined. We fell into conversation.
I found myself telling him: “Koreans think eating goat soup increases virility. It can lead to better sexytime.” My new friend responded: “My lamb does that a little. You won’t want to every night, but maybe every other night.” Reaching toward his counter to pick up a mound of hamburger, he paused to ask, “It’s for you, the goat?”


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Jller – Prokop Bartoníček & Benjamin Maus from Ex Post — Prague on Vimeo.

  • Anthonys Nose (Victoria), a point or escarpment on the southern shore of Port Phillip Bay, in Victoria, Australia
  • Anthony's Nose (Westchester), a peak along the Hudson River at the north end of Westchester County, New York
  • Blake Nose, a submerged peninsula extending northeast from the North American continental shelf, about 280 miles east of Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Bowerman's Nose, a stack of weathered granite on Dartmoor, Devon, England
  • Brokers Nose, a point on the Illawarra Range, in the state of New South Wales, Australia
  • Calgary Nose Hill, a federal electoral district in Alberta, Canada
  • Calgary-Nose Creek, provincial electoral district that encompassed the Northern Central part of Calgary, Alberta
  • Devils Nose, Kentucky, unincorporated community in Bath County, Kentucky, United States
  • Dolphin's Nose, Coonoor, a viewpoint and tourist spot in Coonoor, The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu
  • Fawnie Nose (1933 m), the highest summit of the Fawnie Range of the Nechako Plateau in the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada
  • Grey Nose Cape, a cape on the Côte d'Opale in the Pas-de-Calais département in northern France
  • Jacob's Nose, 152 m mountain in Rosendale Village, a hamlet in the town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, New York
  • Jerry's Nose, fishing community, part of a designated place in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Long Nose Park, a 1.5-acre public open space at the end of Yurulbin Point on the Balmain Peninsula in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Napoleon's Nose, a basaltic hill overlooking the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Nose, Osaka, a town in Toyono District, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Nose Hill Park, the second largest urban park in Canada and one of the largest urban parks in North America
  • Nose mound, a monument in Kyoto, Japan, dedicated to the sliced noses of killed Korean soldiers and civilians
  • Nose Station, a train station in Tsubata, Kahoku District, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Roman Nose State Park, state park located in Blaine County, 7 miles (11 km) north of Watonga, Oklahoma
  • Sharks Nose (3,729 m), a mountain in the southern Wind River Range in the U.S. state of Wyoming
  • Tegg's Nose, a hill east of Macclesfield in Cheshire, England
  • The Devil's Nose, a steep but small mountain ridge between the Little Cacapon and Potomac rivers in northeastern Hampshire County, West Virginia
  • The Nose (El Capitan), one of the original technical climbing routes up El Capitan, a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park
  • Vroman's Nose, prominent geological feature in the town of Fulton in Schoharie County, New York, United States
  • White Nose, Dorset, a chalk headland on the English Channel coast at the eastern end of Ringstead Bay, east of Weymouth in Dorset, England

Because I don't endlessly post, I don't agree with you' doesn't mean that I'm being deflective - I try to honor each person's right to say what they think.

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 think you know what I’m going to say. The answer is yes. Recent research is also proving this to us.

It turns out that the physiological and psychological elite - think Alex Honnald or Conrad Anker here - don’t even need cortisol much at all to manage stressful situations. Instead, their bodies are able to rely on another little-known stress-response system in the body - the vagus nerve.


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No resumes:::::::::: Just show us you can code

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Baked Possum

1 dressed possum
1 tablespoon butter
1 large onion
1 cup breadcrumbs
1/2 teaspoon chopped red pepper
Dash of steak sauce
1 hard-boiled egg, chopped
Salt to taste
Small amount of water
1 or 2 sprigs of sassafras root
Dress the possum or have it done for you. For the stuffing: Melt butter in frying pan and add onion. When onion begins to brown, add chopped liver of possum and cook until tender and well-done. Add breadcrumbs, red pepper, steak sauce, egg, salt, and water to moisten mixture.
Stuff the possum with the mixture and sew up the opening. Put in a roasting pan, add 2 tablespoons water, and roast in moderate oven (300–350 degrees) until meat is very tender and a golden brown.
Baste the possum frequently with its own fat. When it is done, take from oven, remove stitches, and put possum on a hot platter. Skim the grease from the drippings and serve gravy in a separate dish.
To add flavor, slip a sprig or two of sassafras root down into the stuffing between the stitches after you have sewn the possum up.
Serve the possum with baked sweet potatoes and green vegetables along with cornbread and coffee or milk.

time to warm up this 3/4 day trip starts off right!

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Set to the sky in a flying spree, for the sport over the pharaoh
A little while later the Pharisees dragged a comb through the meadow
Do you remember what they called up to you and me, in our window?
There is a rusty light on the pines tonight
Sun pouring wine, lord, or marrow
Down into the bones of the birches
And the spires of the churches
Jutting out from the shadows
The yoke, and the axe, and the old smokestacks and the bale and the barrow
And everything sloped like it was dragged from a rope
In the mouth of the south below
We've seen those mountains kneeling, felten and grey
We thought our very hearts would up and melt away
From that snow in the nighttime
Just going
And going
And the stirring of wind chimes
In the morning
In the morning
Helps me find my way back in
From the place where I have been
And, Emily - I saw you last night by the river
I dreamed you were skipping little stones across the surface of the water
Frowning at the angle where they were lost, and slipped under forever
In a mud-butt, mica-spangled, like the sky'd been breathing on a mirror
Anyhow - I sat by your side, by the water
You taught me the names of the stars overhead that I wrote down in my ledger
Though all I knew of the rote universe were those Pleiades loosed in December
I promised you I'd set them to verse so I'd always remember


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Luckily, my relationship deteriorated to a point where I was confident that, no matter how little I was allowed to expect, I wasn’t getting half it. I broke up with her.

Upon this turn of fortune, I almost immediately found myself in another relationship. I really do mean “found myself” - neither of us expected it to happen - we were just having fun and we suddenly realized that things were working better than we ever could have imagined. This confounded us both because we simply didn’t think it was possible to be so congruous with another person this easily. But that’s when I finally had a good answer to my question.

What am I allowed to expect? A lot.

Dash the curry

Dash the curry

Dash the curry

I used to say that that compatibility was overrated and adaptability was key to a lasting relationship, but I also felt lucky to be where I was and I didn’t realize that things could be better. My last girlfriend and I were not naturally compatible at all, but we made it work for a very long time because, despite our many differences, we romanticized the stubbornness of sticking together through all the rough spots. I thought that time and familiarity would erode our mismatched edges until we rested against each other like stones in a wall. What we experienced instead was a perpetual grind between two diamond-hard wills until we both were dust.

I have an Anvil

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I have an anvil that is in the 90-100 lbs range and I don't have a place to use it at home. I would like to donate it to the club if anyone thinks that it would be useful and not just something taking up more space. Let me know if the club would like it.

The reported mean of 7.7 is misleading because it appears that close to half of your participants are scoring below that mean

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  • children were referred to as "epsilons" (because in mathematics, particularly calculus, an arbitrarily small positive quantity is commonly denoted by the Greek letter (ε))
  • Women were "bosses".
  • Men were "slaves".
  • People who stopped doing mathematics had "died".
  • People who physically died had "left".
  • Alcoholic drinks were "poison".
  • Music (except classical music) was "noise".
  • People who had married were "captured".
  • People who had divorced were "liberated".
  • To give a mathematical lecture was "to preach".
  • To give an oral exam to a student was "to torture" him/her.

Pathway leading to a residential garden (ballpoint pen)

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·        Each team commonly consists of two three, or more individuals. Ranch rodeo teams usually have four members.

·        Competitions may include cowboys on horses. If so, one or two team members are on horseback; the others are on foot. Other events have all team members afoot.

·        One individual (occasionally two), called the "mugger", is tasked with holding the animal's head. Another, the "milker", generally the fastest person on the team, attempts to milk the cow. Some teams have an "anchor man" whose primary duty is to hold onto the rope that restrains the cow.

·        Some competitions place the cows in the bucking chutes and all teams compete at once. Each cow is already wearing a halter with a long lead rope,] or a lasso around its neck. A team member, usually the anchor man, is given the rope of their cow prior to the opening of the chutes.

·        Other competitions require the contestants to rope their cow.

·        Ranch rodeo competitions generally have only one or two teams compete at a time, and the timer starts when the cow crosses the steer roping line. Team members cannot cross the start line before the cow does without incurring a time penalty. A cowboy on horseback will try to rope the cow. If they miss once, the roper can try again; but there is a two-loop limit for roping attempts.

·        Once the cow is roped, the team members on foot will try to hold the cow still so it can be milked. The rope must be taken off the saddle horn before milking starts. Usually, the roper must also dismount, and is often the person who starts milking the cow.

·        The cow is milked into a bottle; usually an empty soda bottle.

·        One of the team members runs (on foot) with the bottle to the judge. The timer stops when they cross the line to reach the judge.

·        The judge will verify that the task has been completed by pouring the milk out of the bottle. If no milk comes out of the bottle, the team is disqualified.

·        There is a time limit, usually of two minutes; if the task is not completed within the time limit, the team is disqualified.

·        The fastest time wins.

Ironically, I feel left out. I am on the other end of the spectrum. Kind of like what this guy described after the treatment, although I've been dealing with it my whole life, so I don't get all worried.

All the birds have flown up and gone

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The fine art of bludgeoning an electronic device in order to encourage it to work properly. Vigorous usage of this technique often renders said device permanently nonfunctional.

llamo por teléfono a mí mismo,

y nadie respondió

CzernobogChornobohCrnobog and Tchernobog is a Slavic deity, whose name means black god, about whom much has been speculated but little can be said definitively.

I am trying to buy banjo strings in Puerto Rico

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king trumpet mushroom
French horn mushroom
king oyster mushroom
king brown mushroom
boletus of the steppes, 
trumpet royale

The Miwok believed there existed a "people who lived before real people"

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To some extent, Gillis has taken the opportunity to kick up his heels a bit. He toured far less in 2013 than in years past and spent a lot of time hanging with his “friends with real jobs” in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where they may hit a TGI Friday's in the suburbs or see a Steelers-jersey-filled house show for "some weirdo band." His day-to-day consists of waking up “in the afternoon, checking WorldStar and email, and then just working on tunes.”

Gillis is controlled by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, a prince in Abu Dhabi’s royal family. To non-Emiratis, Sheikh Mansour is best known as the majority owner of Manchester City Football Club. For decades, Manchester City had been overshadowed by its local rival, Manchester United. When Mansour bought the team, five years ago, he spent nearly six hundred million dollars buying up talent from around the world; in 2012, the club won its first Premier League title in forty-four years. Mansour evidently wants to repeat this formula with d.j.s. So far, he has spent more than a hundred million dollars on Hakkasan Las Vegas.

On reaching the top, Tinney faces overhanging peat and grass. "There were no holds to finish on so I pulled on the grass, which ripped out and then I fell,” he says.


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Land from masanobu hiraoka on Vimeo.

Gotta Press on

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Ironically, in modern times achieving the aura of rustic simplicity demanded by wabi-cha can be an expensive endeavour. Even the simple, cheap items used by Rikyū and his followers have gained both status and value: authentic Raku tea bowls, for example, are among the most expensive available today, and among the most sought after. Similarly, creating the look of simplicity promoted by Rikyū for tea rooms can also be very expensive

may i feel said he
(i'll squeal said she
just once said he)
it's fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let's go said he
not too far said she
what's too far said he
where you are said she)

(which way said she
like this said he
if you kiss said she

may i move said he
is it love said she)
if you're willing said he (but you're killing said she but it's life said he but your wife said she now said he) ow said she (tiptop said he don't stop said she

oh no said he)
go slow said she

(cccome?said he
ummm said she)
you're divine!said he
(you are Mine said she)

Végre nem butulok tovább

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You sullen pig of a man


you force me into the mud
with your stinking ash-cart!

-if we were rich
we'd stick our chests out
and hold our heads high!

It is dreams that have destroyed us.

There is no more pride
in horses or in rein holding.
We sit hunched together brooding
our fate.

all things turn bitter in the end
whether you choose the right or
the left way
dreams aren't a bad thing.

There are 1,480 living species of cacti, all but one indigenous to the Americas.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 | |

Now we’re in a pickle. 

Because if I get up to clean it, my boss is going to be watching me do it and wondering why I would need to clean up the seat of my chair.

What do I do? 

If the blood sets I’m just gonna have to move to South Dakota and start life over there because the other alternative is asking the all-male building maintenance to please switch me out a chair that doesn’t have fluid and tissue on it. 

At last, the Big Boss leaves and I leap at that chance to clean up.

I grab some paper towels and wet them in the ladies room. 
So far so good. 
I start to scrub. 
I wiggle.
I dance.
As soon as I do that MOTHERFUCKING nosy-ass Melody frumps over to scream “What are you doing, Kel?” 

Now, there were some desperate ass motherfuckers at this job who didn’t have any friends outside of work, so the would jump like puppies at a biscuit-can anytime humans were interacting. 

So, four of these schnauzers gather around my bloody cube and are asking me “What are you doing?

Yeah, Kel, what’s up, I'm kinda bored wanna grab a drink after work?” 

‘Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.’

- Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

pro tempore

temporarily; for the time being.

Enjoying Java and Being More Productive

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"We've heard a good bit in this courtroom about public key encryption," said Albright. "Are you familiar with that?"
"And how is it that you're familiar with public key encryption?"
"I invented it."
 Then Fenster dropped this bombshell: "Dr. Diffie, you were not the first to invent public key cryptography, were you?"

"I believe that I may have been," said Diffie, speaking cautiously.
"But perhaps you could be more specific?" "In fact, a gentleman named James Ellis in England invented it before you, right?" Diffie sighed.

He seemed, suddenly, almost tired. He had heard this one before.

"I spent a lot of time talking to James Ellis, and I can't figure it out," he said. "James Ellis did very fine work."

Moon Lasers

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Take a flashlight (torch) for example.

It only reflects about 7% of the visible light that hits it.

So, even the best lasers combined with the best telescopes aren't going to be effective at reflecting visible light off of the surface.

That's 1.7 in 100,000,000,000,000,000 photons.

Your eye isn't going to have such luck.

 Here's a picture of APOLLO shining its laser on the moon.

Double check the transformers real quick

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This feature film tells the story of a young glassblower who learns about the fragility of life through the equally delicate nature of his artistic medium. By creating a fully hand-drawn film in an age where most animators have gone digital, creator Usman Riaz hopes to bring a time-honored practice to emerging creative communities in on the moon and beyond.

een beter leven met stijgijzers

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait

Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait

Vanguard beat the average over the past 5 years for every endowment size and came up just shy of the $1 billion and over group over 10 years while besting the rest of the group averages. Think about these results for a minute — these endowment funds hire the biggest investment consultants, have huge investment committees, connections with alumni at some of the best money managers in the world and fully-staffed investment offices in many cases. All that work, all of those due diligence trips, all of those extra fees paid to money managers and the majority of these funds still couldn’t beat a low-cost Vanguard index portfolio that was simply rebalanced once a year.

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais, je voudrais, je voudrais, je voudrais
Je voudrais, je voudrais, je voudrais, je voudrais

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, le matin
Je souhaite l'homme de lait serait livrer mon lait, quand je le bâillement

Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait
Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait

Je voudrais un peu de lait de seins de la femme de l'homme de lait

In 2013, Buzz Aldrin, said: "Tang sucks"

nary a murmur or complaint

Friday, February 26, 2016 | |

In Big Bend National Park, six days after the tourists arrived in the U.S., an undercover park ranger spotted the white Tahoe in campsite #16. The ranger pitched a tent beside the five tourists, 20 yards away, where he could safely observe them. The park straddles the Texas-Mexico border, and over the serrated brown mountains the sun was setting and the moon hung faintly in the sky like a watermark. One of the tourists had angled his camera atop a tripod to take a photo. Posing as a fellow camper, the undercover ranger chatted with the photographer, remarking on the pleasantness of the 80-degree weather, and the beauty of the desert. At night, the five foreigners slipped into their tents. At 2 a.m., the ranger bugged their Tahoe with a GPS tracking device.

I remember the feverish week when I read “Love In the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez and my heart travelled a thousand miles all while sitting there drinking coffee.

Real-life personCharacter name
Jack KerouacRay Smith
Gary SnyderJaphy Ryder
Allen GinsbergAlvah Goldbook
Neal CassadyCody Pomeray
Philip WhalenWarren Coughlin
Locke McCorkleSean Monahan
John MontgomeryHenry Morley
Philip LamantiaFrancis DaPavia
Michael McClureIke O'Shay
Peter OrlovskyGeorge
Kenneth RexrothRheinhold Cacoethes
Alan WattsArthur Whane
Caroline KerouacNin
Carolyn CassadyEvelyn
Claude DalenbergBud Diefendorf
Natalie JacksonRosie Buchanan

One of the most key, most basic tenets of survival is: Don't get out of yourself into the situation in the reverse when there is not one in the first place.

Monday, February 8, 2016 | |

Get your own food.

How beautiful an act, it inspires me to want to be around you and to surround myself with other people who have such rare ability.

If magnetic north is east of true north, the local declination is positive.
If magnetic north is west of true north, the local declination is negative.
B) Draw a line on the map that connects your starting point with the destination (your "map bearing"). Extend the line all the way through the map border (the "neat line").
C) Distance yourself from any nearby metal such as keys, belt buckle, desk, car, fence, etc. Place the compass on the map so the needle’s pivot point is directly over the intersection of your map bearing and neat line.
D) Rotate the dial until compass ring north agrees with map north. Read your map bearing from the compass dial. Make sure the bearing agrees with your direction of travel – for example, if you intend to travel due east, the bearing is 90 degrees, not 270 degrees.
E) Do this step mentally – don’t turn the compass dial: If the local declination is positive, then subtract the declination amount from the bearing you just derived. If the local declination is negative, then add the declination amount to the bearing you just derived.
F) Turn the compass dial until the figure you calculated in step E lines up with the index line.
G) Lift the compass off the map, and with the direction of travel arrow pointing directly away from you, rotate your body and the compass all in one motion until the red magnetic needle overlays the orienting arrow.
H) Sight a landmark along this bearing, and proceed to it. Repeat this step until you reach your destination.

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'”

murmur murmur murmur

But it increases the mystery. My favourite might be a song I sing called As I Roved Out, because it’s less of a story and more of a dude wandering drunk in the woods and singing whatever comes into his head.