The Miwok believed there existed a "people who lived before real people"

Monday, April 4, 2016 | |

To some extent, Gillis has taken the opportunity to kick up his heels a bit. He toured far less in 2013 than in years past and spent a lot of time hanging with his “friends with real jobs” in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where they may hit a TGI Friday's in the suburbs or see a Steelers-jersey-filled house show for "some weirdo band." His day-to-day consists of waking up “in the afternoon, checking WorldStar and email, and then just working on tunes.”

Gillis is controlled by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, a prince in Abu Dhabi’s royal family. To non-Emiratis, Sheikh Mansour is best known as the majority owner of Manchester City Football Club. For decades, Manchester City had been overshadowed by its local rival, Manchester United. When Mansour bought the team, five years ago, he spent nearly six hundred million dollars buying up talent from around the world; in 2012, the club won its first Premier League title in forty-four years. Mansour evidently wants to repeat this formula with d.j.s. So far, he has spent more than a hundred million dollars on Hakkasan Las Vegas.

On reaching the top, Tinney faces overhanging peat and grass. "There were no holds to finish on so I pulled on the grass, which ripped out and then I fell,” he says.